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This website is about hyperlinked twin websites of GitHub project repositories.

The icons and toggle between light and dark mode. The present website also supports auto-toggling, indicated by .

Hyperlinked twins support precise name-based code navigation online in ordinary web browsers! The hyperlinks and highlighting make it much easier to browse, explore, and understand code in unfamiliar repositories or languages.


Jump between references and declarations just by clicking on names.

A paper about generation of hyperlinked twins was presented at SLE in October 2023:

Online Name-Based Navigation for Software Meta-languages

The sources of the webpages were generated using Spoofax from the analysed language project. The hyperlinks added to names were generated from the name binding analysis used by Spoofax, and the syntax highlighting corresponds closely to that displayed when browsing files in Spoofax.

The aim is for a future release of Spoofax to support generation of hyperlinked twin websites with code in all Spoofax meta-languages.

The published websites are built from the generated files using Material for MkDocs.1

  1. The mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin overrides the built-in title transformation currently made by MkDocs